Perfectly Flawed


1. Monster

2. Old Fashioned

3. Crawling Back to Me

4. Mine

5. Cellophane

Summer 2016 Radio Airplay

after being in a band for 5 years, I really didn't know what it was like to work by myself. i have always written songs in my bedroom, but I had no idea how to produce or preform without a full rock band. Perfectly Flawed was a wonderful learning experience that was years in the making. This was my chance to show what I was feeling and to create something that others could relate to. The real meaning behind this EP is to say that it  is okay not to be perfect, we all are a little messed up. But if everything was perfect, nothing would be special! Accept your flaws, embrace them. Accept your neighbors flaws, god knows no one is perfect. Live, love, and learn from your mistakes. Just Be. - LaurenDair xx

Perfectly Flawed - Track List

  • Monster3:17
  • Old Fashioned3:47
  • Crawling Back To Me3:46
  • Mine4:02
  • Cellophane3:51
The Music


© Copyright Lauren Dair

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